Narcotic Enforcement

Drug enforcement has become one of the hallmarks of the DPS Investigation Division, and the Investigation Division continues to serve as the lead investigative agency tasked with enforcing controlled substance laws within the State of Nevada. The Investigation Division provides leadership and supervision to five (5) multi-jurisdictional drug task forces throughout the State of Nevada, and also has detectives assigned to task forces operated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The task forces which the Investigation Division operates provide resources and enforcement in 12 of Nevada’s 17 counties. The types of narcotic investigations which the Investigation Division conducts range from those involving the illegal use, sales, and distribution of illegal drugs such as Methamphetamine, Heroin, and Cocaine, to those involving the illegal manufacturing, trafficking, and cultivation of controlled substances.

In addition, the Investigation Division serves as the leading law enforcement agency in the State of Nevada in the fight against pharmaceutical drug diversion. The Investigation Division continues to utilize traditional drug enforcement methods as well as non-traditional techniques to investigate prescription drug crimes. The Investigation Division works closely with the State Board of Pharmacy to accomplish the efficient and effective enforcement of laws concerning prescription and controlled substance diversion. The Investigation Division has made significant progress over the past several years in the number of controlled substance investigations and arrests. However, challenges facing the State of Nevada in its counter-drug efforts continue to evolve due to new trends, technological advancements in law enforcement tools, the current economic environment, and budgetary constraints. The emphasis on the diversion, sale, and trafficking of pharmaceutical controlled substances also remains a critical element for the Investigation Division’s narcotic task forces. The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy maintains a statewide Prescription Monitoring Program which tracks all Schedule II through IV controlled substances filled in Nevada. Nevada remains one of the leading states with respect to the per capita volume of prescription drugs issued and their ultimate diversion. The amount of prescription controlled substances being diverted for unlawful use or to illegal markets remains a growing concern not only for the State of Nevada, but for the rest of the United States.

The Investigation Division provides drug related training and education to law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, various types of civic groups, schools, and businesses statewide. The Investigation Division also analyzes drug trends and collects and maintains statistics on drug-related crimes. The Investigation Division monitors and cooperates with local, county, and federal law enforcement agencies to promote open communication, executive board meetings, training venues, and task force operations. These efforts provide a means of maintaining a broad overview of the impact which controlled substance violations have in the state, upon the citizens, and the economic effects upon our communities.