As mandated under Nevada Revised Statute 480.460, the DPS Investigation Division provides polygraph examination services to the Attorney General, any sheriff, chief of police, district attorney, or other law enforcement agency in the State of Nevada. The Division’s polygraph examiners provide these services in a professional and ethical manner that conforms with the standards and values of the Nevada Department of Public Safety as well as those of the American Polygraph Association.

The polygraph examinations which the Investigation Division conducts cover three main areas: pre-employment, criminal investigations, and post-conviction testing for those convicted of sexual offenses. As it relates to pre-employment polygraphs, the DPS Investigation Division utilizes the polygraph examination to assist the requesting agency in validating a candidate’s integrity before extending a conditional offer of employment to him or her to serve as a peace officer in the State of Nevada. By conducting polygraph examinations as part of a criminal investigation, the DPS Investigation Division helps identify potential suspects; clear the innocent; locate evidence, and determine if criminal acts have occurred. Finally, the DPS Investigation Division assists its fellow DPS partner, the Division of Parole and Probation, in utilizing polygraph examinations as part of the supervision of sex offenders by monitoring their compliance with the mandated conditions of their term of probation or parole.