The Investigation Division remains a leader in providing training in a variety of investigative topics to include crime scene investigation, interview and interrogation, active assailant, terrorism liaison officer, narcotics investigations, and other law enforcement related areas. In addition, the Investigation Division provides training and assistance to the Nevada DPS Academy and the Nevada P.O.S.T. Academy, and also provides training in firearms instruction, defensive tactics, use of force, courtroom testimony, narcotics law, drug trends, report writing, evidence collection, and response to active assailants.

One area of instruction unique to the Investigation Division has become the Nevada Drug Investigation School, which it usually hosts every year with the assistance of the DPS Training Division and funding from the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance. This course provides students with extensive hands-on training with many of the investigative aspects encountered on a frequent basis in a multi-jurisdictional narcotic task force setting. Students take part in the initiation and development of a narcotic investigation by utilizing various techniques such as informant development and management, controlled purchases, surveillance, undercover operations, tactical assessments and considerations, and warrant service. The class concludes with a mock trial presented before an actual judge and a jury normally comprised of students from a government or debate class.

The Investigation Division continues to provide public service presentations that focus on illegal and prescription controlled substance abuse, awareness, and identification, and conducts this training for both law enforcement agencies and the public. Investigation Division personnel also provide public presentations at the request of civic organizations, businesses, the mining industry, universities and schools, and other governmental agencies.