Sand Canyon Homicide Victim

On March 12, 1992, the Lyon County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call which alerted deputies to the presence of unidentified human remains off of Sand Canyon Road, approximately one mile east of Highway 338, south of Wellington, Nevada.  The Lyon County Sheriff's Office requested that the Nevada DPS Investigation Division assist them in examining the crime scene and identifying the unknown victim.  Since that time, DPS detectives have continued to work this investigation, and in recent years, detectives have made significant progress in this case. With the development of new facial recognition technology, a forensic sketch artist provided DPS detectives with new images of what the victim may have looked like.  With these new images, DPS detectives are requesting that members of the public take a moment to look at them to see if anyone recognizes the individual. 

To date, the DPS Investigation Division still classifies this case as a homicide, and DPS detectives do not know the identity of the male victim.  Detectives describe the victim in this case as a white male adult, approximately 35 to 50 years of age with reddish hair, and may have stood approximately 6' to 6'4' in height. 

The DPS Investigation Division urges anyone with information regarding the possible identity of the victim to contact Detective Jason Gothan at 775-684-7439 or via email at

 Sand Canyon Facial Reconstruct