In December of 2012, an unknown individual fired gunshots through the front door of Judge John Tatro’s residence in Carson City.  In May of 2012, an unknown individual attempted to ignite an incendiary device in front of Judge Tatro’s residence.  Fortunately, in neither attack were Judge Tatro or anyone else hurt.  As a result of these attacks, detectives from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Investigation Division (NDI) have worked this case as part of a multi-jurisdictional effort.

While detectives do not know the identity of the individual who attempted to ignite this incendiary device, they did obtain surveillance video of him that evening. Based on the video surveillance, detectives believe the individual to be a white male adult who has dark hair, and may possibly be between the ages of 40-60 years of age.  In addition, this male adult may also have a stocky build and walked with a noticeable gait, and may also have facial hair.

In addition to the photos of the suspect, detectives also obtained photos of the vehicle in which he was driving. Detectives believe this vehicle to be a Mercedes Benz four-door sedan, most likely a model manufactured between 1979 and 1993, and believe that this Mercedes Benz is a champagne or beige color with a darker two-tone color on the bottom of the vehicle.  Detectives are urging the public to take a look at the photos of the vehicle and the suspect to see if anyone recognizes them. 

If you recognize this individual or vehicle, please contact:

Detective Sam Hatley of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at (775)-283-7852

or by email at

Detective Desiree Mattice of the Nevada DPS Investigation Division at (775)-684-7428

or by email at

You can remain anonymous, and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada DPS Investigation Division are offering a $5,000 reward for information which leads to the name and arrest of the individual(s) responsible for the attacks against Judge Tatro.   

Suspect in Tatro Threats